I recently got back into swimming which was something I used to be quite fond of as a child, I was even in my school swimming team back in primary school but I only competed once and even then I came dead last but at least I received a participants medal! In my defence I was told to swim breaststroke which was my least favourite stroke.

It was around that time I stopped swimming but it had nothing to do with losing at that swimming meet infact I lost intreast in swimming before that happend. you see at the swimming club the pool was divided into lanes where all the kids swim at simmilar speeds, once a kid started to move faster than the other kids in the lane they would be moved into the next lane. so that's what happend to me, every few months I would be moved into a new lane. until I reached a point where I wasn't getting faster, I just stayed at the same speed, this made me really frustrated espeically because in the next lane you would be taught how to dive and how to swim butterfly.

That experince made me resent swimming and until recently I hadn't been in a siwmming pool for 8 years! which is insane to think about since I love swimming. I'm not as good as I was as a kid since I'm a fat fuck but I still have good technique with front, back and breast. sadly I never learnt how to swim butterfly nor how to dive but hopfully in the future I can learn.

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